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FWhat to eat at Sehri


What to eat at Sehri

The Holy month of Ramadan is here.All the muslims around the globe observe fast from sunrise to sunset.

The pre-dawn meal or sehri is the most important meal during Ramazan since that is what one’s body thrives on all day.

It is imperative that you keep yourself hydrated, consume a well-balanced diet and make the right choice of food and drinks throughout the month for a healthier mind and body.

Sehri or Suhoor is the meal consumed before dawn. Sehri is one of the most important meals during Ramzan to keep your energy levels up during the day.

What to eat at Sehri


Sehri should be a wholesome, moderate meal that is filling and provides enough energy for many hours. Try to eat high-fibre foods and complex carbohydrates such as grains and pulses. Your body takes longer to break down and absorb these foods, so they will fuel you better during your hours of fasting.

Sehri should comprise foods such as eggs, grains, dairy products and meat along with fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, fruit juice and nuts.

What to eat at Sehri


Do not skip Sehri as it is an important meal that would help you sustain your energy levels throughout the day. Many individuals don’t feel hungry early morning and tend to skip Sehri. Setting the table for Sehri is believed to be effective in improving the appetite.


What to eat at Sehri


Eating a very heavy meal to fight hunger experienced later in the day is an absolute no-no. Heavy meals at Sehri impose a heavy burden on the stomach, leading to indigestion, heartburn and bloating.

To aid digestion of Sehri, sleep early and wake up at least nine minutes before dawn. Avoid sleeping after Sehri to prevent reflux of stomach content into the oesophagus.

Individuals generally believe that drinking lot of tea at Sehri quenches thirst. However, this is not true. Tea contains caffeine that increases urination and water loss in the body and thereby increasing thirst. Thus, it is recommended to not drink too many cups of tea at Sehri.

Drinking too much water at Sehri dilutes stomach’s acid content and causes bloating and indigestion. It is thus recommended to drink water gradually and slowly while eating Sehri.


What to eat at Sehri



A good helping of fruits and vegetables can help overcome thirst throughout the day and it also prevents constipation. Grape extract has tonic properties and is suggested for those who feel weak during the day.

While foods high in complex carbohydrates such as bread, rice and potatoes and whole grain breads are highly suggested for Sehri, individuals should avoid other carbohydrate-rich foods including candies and chocolate as they release energy rapidly.


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